Cooperative markets are an integral part of the modern Ukrainian economy, including consumer co-operation. Their network is quite branched out. Traditionally, the vast majority of markets are located in district centers, villages and settlements (75%), and the rest – in the cities of regional subordination and 10 regional centers.
Consumer cooperatives form a fairly powerful segment of domestic trade. They traditionally provide the needs of the population in goods and services at affordable prices for consumers. Control over the safety and quality of food products, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, in the markets provide state veterinary laboratories, which markets allocate properly prepared premises and create conditions for the successful fulfillment of the tasks assigned to them.

At the same time, by the nature of its functions, markets are not only business structures, but also perform an important social task. They have become a reliable partner and a focal point for the successful work of self-employed people who have a permanent job and a regular source of income. For such entrepreneurs and individuals, our markets have created 190,000 work places.

Cooperative markets are constantly working on issues of priority development and improvement of spheres of economic activity. Their material and technical base is constantly upgraded. A new and improved existing infrastructure is created that meets the modern requirements of advanced market-based trade and service complexes and promotes competitive development and achieving a new level of economic stability.