About us

The system of consumer co-operation of Ukraine is united by 25 associations of consumer associations in the All-Ukrainian Central Union of Consumer Societies (Ukrkoopspilka). Has a registered logo in the state register – СООР Ukraine, which is used for branding.

Today, the consumer co-operation system has great economic and resource potential – it has about 15 thousand trade enterprises, 3 thousand restaurant facilities, 7 hotels, 300 manufacturing enterprises and shops, more than 300 markets throughout Ukraine. The system also includes the Media holding COOP Media, which publishes the newspaper “News” of the Central Union of Consumer Societies of Ukraine “and” Podladnitsa “with a total weekly circulation of 155 thousand copies. Consumer cooperation is also presented. and in the insurance market of Ukraine, formed in 2017 by the new Private Joint-Stock Company “Insurance group” UBI-COOP “(Yu.Bi.Ay – COOP) (www.ubi.ua).

The system has 24 cooperative institutions of higher education – 20 colleges, 2 institutes, 2 universities – Lviv University of Trade and Economics, and Ukrkoopspilka Union University “Poltava University of Economics and Trade”.

The system of consumer co-operation has created more than 200 thousand jobs.

Cooperative organizations of the system annually pay about 800 million UAH. taxes and fees to budgets and extrabudgetary funds.

It should be noted that all this potential is used not only to meet the needs of members of consumer societies. It works for all rural residents (especially where there are no trade facilities) and for most residents of villages and district centers. Co-operators of Ukraine fill local consumer markets with commodities that are widely used (first of all, food products). Due to their activities and potential they play an important role in the economy of the regions and the state as a whole.

Thus, on the economic field of the state there is a coherent and coordinated system with strong economic and personnel potential.

Ukrkoopspilka closely cooperates with state bodies of legislative and executive power of Ukraine. Its experts are members of the Council of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and relevant working groups under the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, public councils under the Ministry of Economic Development and Development, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and several committees of the European Business Association, a member of which is Ukrkoopspilka.

An important and priority task for Ukrkoopspilka is the work in the International direction.