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You no longer need to keep a paper book of reviews and suggestions

In early October, the order of the Ministry of Economy officially came into force, which abolishes the obligation to keep a Book of Reviews and Suggestions. This was another step towards deregulation, digitalization of business processes and reduction of outdated regulations.

Previously, entrepreneurs had to spend time and considerable expense on the administration of the Book of Reviews and Suggestions, which should be in every sales department and in every hall of the catering establishment. Such expenses amounted to more than 44 million hryvnias a year. This amount included organizational costs, the appointment of a person responsible for it, consideration of complaints.

It is worth noting that the availability of the Book did not guarantee the solution of problematic issues that arose with customers.

In today’s world there are more effective and convenient tools for monitoring and protecting consumer rights. Yes, you can leave your feedback through the “hot line”, electronic and classic correspondence or social networks. In addition, today consumers can apply to the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection and its territorial bodies for protection of violated rights in both paper and electronic form ( In the territorial bodies of the State Food and Consumer Services and in many local state administrations, information and consultation services have been established and are functioning, where consumers can receive information and assistance in protecting their rights.

This practice is fully in line with European and world standards and will contribute to effective communication between business and consumer and reduce the number of “formal” inspections of the business.

We remind you that in March 2019, the Government abolished the mandatory maintenance of the Book of Reviews and Suggestions. However, the requirements and references to the Book of Complaints remained in a number of normative documents, in particular, orders of the Ministry of Economy. Today, this outdated and ineffective tool for consumer protection has been finally abolished.