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The main event of the year for the World Cooperative Movement took place in Rwanda

From October 13 to October 17, the General Assembly of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and the Global Conference on Cooperatives for Development were held in Kigali, Rwanda. More than 1,000 people from 94 countries took part in the event. Coop Ukraine, represented by I. Gorokhovsky, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrcoopspilka and a member of the Executive Committee of the Consumer Cooperatives Worldwide (CCW), has traditionally been a participant in these meetings.

Coop Ukraine also participated at the General Assembly of the Consumer Cooperatives Worldwide (CCW). The agenda included a number of topics, including the discussion of the Organization’s Activity Report for 2017–2019, the Financial Report, the Draft Work Plan and Budget for 2020. The CCW-2030 Strategic Policy Guide and the ICA Strategy Project were also presented. I. Gorokhovsky chaired at the General Assembly of CCW, on behalf of Professor Petar Stefanov’s (Bulgaria), the President of CCW, who could not participate in the events in Kigali. He made a report, which was actively discussed afterwards. There were many questions and the speaker provided full answers on them, clarifications, comments, as well as his own suggestions. According to the participants, the meeting was very constructive and productive.

The Global Conference Co-operatives for Development  was held on October 14-17. This event was organized by the ICA in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Rwanda, which has made remarkable progress in economic growth since 1994 and which places particular emphasis on sustainable development. Numerous seminars, sessions, discussions, as well as an exhibition of local cooperatives took place at the conference. The topics of the conference were closely related to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, and the participation of cooperatives of the world in the process of achieving them. These matters were discussed actively during the parallel sessions. For example, on the ICAO (World Organization for Agricultural Cooperatives) and CCW (World Consumer Cooperatives) joint session “Promoting food safety, sustainable production and consumption it was stated that cooperatives have all the tools they need to make the transition to use the natural resources, reduce the food waste. This, among other things, is fully in line with their values and principles. I. Gorokhovsky, chairman of this session, made a welcome speech, which was then repeatedly quoted and discussed by the other speakers, as it was extremely relevant and interesting.

The Annual General Assembly of the ICA was held on October 17. Еру changes to the Articles, ratification of election results to the Boards of sector organizations, the draft strategy of the ICA for the next 10 years, etc. were discussed.  The ICA President Ariel Guarco gave a speech at the General Assembly on his activities for the year. His speech aroused interest in the audience. I. Gorokhovsky participated in the discussion. The President of the ICA commended the proposals of the Chairman of the Board of the Ukrcoopspilka and added that they would be taken into consideration in the future activities of the ICA.

Overall, this year’s events organized by the ICA were effective and high level. All issues were discussed and the according decisions were taken. There have also been many interesting proposals that will be taken into account in the future activities by the cooperatives of the world. Such events are also a great opportunity for their participants to establish extremely useful and promising contacts with colleagues from the other countries.