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Several hundred people have already been vaccinated at the COVID-19 mobile vaccination station at the Central Market in Kherson – press service of the COOP Ukraine

Several hundred people have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 at a mobile vaccination station at the Central Market in Kherson. This was reported by the press service of the COOP Ukraine, which system includes the Central Market in Kherson.

Creation of the vaccination station was a reaction to the requests and needs of cooperative system employees, in particular, in the Kherson region. According to Illia Gorokhovskyi, Chairman of the Board of the COOP Ukraine, during the first year of the pandemic, every 4th employee of the COOP Ukraine fell ill with COVID-19. “Last year, due to COVID conditions, we had to take a number of anti-crisis measures: to develop a system of testing and treatment, to purchase ALV devices, to overcome new economic and social obstacles. In addition to organization of the smooth operation of trade enterprises, the boards of unions of consumer societies have faced another challenge: due to the large number of contacts of the employees, it became necessary to ensure their health and to provide assistance in case of illness. Now we are overcoming these challenges by vaccinating employees and their families’ members,” Illia Gorokhovskyi said.

The availability of the vaccination station at the Central Market in Kherson made it possible to intensify the


vaccination process in the city and to reach as many people as possible. The Market Directorate has made medical specialists responsible for organization of quality and safe vaccination along with conduction of explanatory work, making up a vaccination queue list together with market workers and entrepreneurs trading in the market, and helping anyone to execute an outpatient medical record card of a patient vaccinated against COVID-19. Also, the market employees and entrepreneurs can bring their family members to the vaccination station. All vaccinated people are observed and provided with the necessary information and medical services both before and immediately after vaccination.

Most people express their wish to be vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine, approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use. For efficient immunization, it is necessary to receive two doses of the vaccine with an interval of 28 days. Vaccination is now carried out with both the first and second doses of the vaccine, as the mobile station has been operating for more than a month. During this time, more than 300 people were vaccinated directly at the workplace.


The work of the mobile vaccination station has been started by the decision of the Central Market Directorate of the Kherson Regional Union of Consumer Societies and in accordance with the requests of the society. The vaccination station is in operation in the medical center of the enterprise. Physicians of the “Kherson City Clinical Hospital named after Ye.Ye. Karabelesh” work in it.

“It was timely and correct decision to arrange the mobile station. The Market Directorate does everything possible to reduce the level of epidemiological danger, to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to create the most favorable and safe conditions for employees of the enterprise, private entrepreneurs, trading in the market, and for all visitors”, Valerii Shahunov, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Consumer Societies of Kherson region, said.


As of the end of August, there are 91 inpatient vaccination stations, 32 mobile brigades, 10 mass vaccination centers and 6 vaccination stations for people from the temporarily occupied Crimea in Kherson region. More than 83 thousand people have already been fully vaccinated, i.e. have received two doses of vaccine, and more than 130 thousand people have received one dose of the vaccine in the region. In total, about 214 thousand doses of vaccine have been used in Kherson region.