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Greeting from President of Cooperatives Europe Jean-Louis Bancel on the occasion of the International Day of Cooperatives

Dear Cooperators,

For the past few months, citizens and businesses all around the globe are enduring the unprecedent consequences of the outbreak of COVID-19. Throughout the crisis, cooperatives showcase their resilience and demonstrate the solidarity. However, they still facing the long-term impact of the pandemic, linked to the economic and social turmoil.

To face up to these challenges, cooperatives have to stick to their values and more than ever, enforced the principle of solidarity; which translates as well in caring for members and society.

Being locally anchored and innovative enterprises, cooperatives develop a strong movement in regard with climate issues and renewable energy.

Despite their actions, cooperatives’ experience is still underestimated.

Cooperative awareness should be based on clear and practical experiences, like the ones promoted by Coop Ukraine. Cooperatives Europe is proud to have Coop Ukraine as a member and values it as we are learning from ukrainian colleagues. Together we reinforce the cooperative movement to various stakeholders. This pandemic only highlights importance to fight for climate change.

Solidarity is the key to success and only togeher with Coop Ukraine, the cooperative movement will be able to sustainably marked its footprints in Europe and beyond.

We wish you an excellent and thought-provoking celebration of our common cooperative holiday.

With cooperative greetings – Jean-Louis Bancel,

President of Cooperatives Europe