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«GoldCoop-2019»: the lace for the brave and creative

On October 2–3, the All-Ukrainian Cooking Contest “GoldCoop-2019” was held at the Prolisok restaurant complex of the Ternopil Regional Consumer Union. It was attended by 11 chefs from different regional consumer associations. The competition was conducted for the second consecutive year under the new rules and a new evaluation system, which guarantee a fair assessment of the participants’ skills.

All participants were in the same conditions, even the dishes, tablecloths, tables at which the participants displayed their competitive dishes, were identical. Homework was prepared on the basis of a common ingredient – the rabbit. Every participant recorded the preparation process in a home video report, including the fact that the jury was present in the kitchen during the competition. The second dish prepared by the contestants during the competition itself is a baked sea bass.

At the request of the specialists of the regional consumer unions, and it was the first time to do so, when the organizers complemented the competition with training and a workshop by a coaching trainer and masters of Kyiv Culinary Academy «Chef’s-Academy».

When evaluating the work of the contestants, the jury worked professionally and impartially, taking into account everything from the technology of preparation to composition, presentation of dishes and innovation.  Lyudmila Koval, Doctor of Economics, Rector of Khmelnytsky Cooperative Trade and Economic Institute, Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Competition announced the final protocol.

The awarding ceremony started with the announcement of the  winners in the nominations. In the nomination “The Sixth Feeling”, the winner was Natalia Mytsu, chef of the Bistro cafe from the Khmelnytsky regional consumer union; in the nomination “Cook author’s project” Olga Yakymyshyn, chef of restaurant “Vodograj” of Ternopil regional consumer union won; in “Hope of the profession” – the youngest competitor – Danylo Khalifaiev from Chernihiv; in the “Contemporary Cuisine” nomination – Olexii Kekosh from the Lviv Union of Consumer Society; Oksana Savich from Zhytomyr became the innovator in the nomination of the same name; nomination “Creative taste” was awarded to Nina Vainagii from Trembita cafe of the Tyachiv district consumer union in Transcarpathian Region; in the nomination “Author’s project”  the chef Tatiana Debela, representative of Rivne cooperation, won.

The prize-winning places of the competition were distributed as follows: Pavlo Sopivnyk, the chef of the restaurant “Kucheri” of the Chernivtsi regional consumer union, received the Grand Prix; Gennady Birchenko, chef of Cherkasy regional consumer union, took first place; second – Liliia Khaschevska, chef of restaurant “Prolisok” of Ternopil regional consumer union; third – Iuliia Popova, chef of cafe “On the Big Sea Street” from Mykolaiiv.

Mykola Liudvichuk, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Ukrcoopspilka, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the competition, awarded the Grand Prix winner with an honorary prize – a professional chef knife from a well-known Japanese manufacturer. Winners and all participants received honorary diplomas and money prizes.