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Cooperation of Finland: best practices for Ukrainian colleagues

In September this year, a delegation of the heads of the boards of regional consumer unions of Ukraine, headed by the Chairman of the Board of the Ukrcoopspilka I. Gorokhovsky, paid a working visit to Finland. The trip was organized to exchange the experience between the cooperators of Ukraine and Finland as representatives of Euro Coop member countries. I.Gorokhovsky, who is also the Vice-President of Euro Coop, facilitated a working visit.

There were many meetings during the trip – with the heads of the Finnish Consumer Cooperation, its specialists and leaders of regional cooperative organizations.

Members of the Ukrainian delegation got acquainted with the work of the regional cooperative Varuboden-Osla Handelslag. They also had the opportunity to visit the Logistics Center, which is considered to be one of the largest in terms of area and operations comparing to the similar businesses in Europe.

During the trip, there were many opportunities for communication – Finnish colleagues eagerly answered questions, spoke about all that was of interest to members of the Ukrainian delegation.

The successful development of the Finnish cooperation has shown many examples of how one can achieve your goal on the consumer market. First of all, it goes about the way of enlargement that has been systematically overcome by the Finnish cooperation throughout its history. They were also able to say goodbye to the property that turned out to be a burdensome ballast – on time and without hesitation; to properly dispose of the money received from the sale of such objects by investing them into a promising business. Finns know how to make 5.8 million of their compatriots get interested in becoming the members of the cooperative system. The Ukrainian cooperation also has many resources and reserves, which could be brought up to a higher level.

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