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COOP Ukraine develops the activities for the collection and processing of secondary raw materials

COOP Ukraine (Ukrkoopspilka) develops the enterprises engaged in the collection and processing of secondary raw materials. Following the results of 2020 the leader in this direction was the Consumer Society “Zagotpromtorg”, which is situated in the city of Mohyliv-Podilskyi and is a part of the Vinnytsia Region Consumer Union of COOP Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of COOP Ukraine.

Thereby, the company collected and processed 610 tons of secondary raw materials, including 400 tons of waste paper, 140 tons of cullet and 70 tons of polyethylene in 2020. Namely the procurement and processing of these three types of secondary raw materials is a priority activity of “Zagotpromtorg”.

For the organization of the process of continuous work on processing of secondary raw materials, in the city of Mohyliv-Podilskyi and the network of five stationary reception and procurement points works in the region. The one point is situated in the market of the regional consumer society, the second – directly on the grounds of the procurement enterprise, three more – in the shops of the largest villages of the region. The reception shall be carried out in a separate room.

Where there are no stationary points, the procurement shall be performed by a mobile team. The routes for the collection of secondary raw materials shall be developed and optimized on the grounds of logistical research. Due to the combination of a network of stationary and mobile collection points of secondary raw materials, the company achieves the greatest efficiency. All types of procurement shall be performed by both individuals and enterprises.

The processing of secondary raw materials shall be carried out automatically due to a modern beating press, which was designed and manufactured at the Consumer Society “Zagotpromtorg”. After processing, the waste paper shall be transferred to a paper mill, and baled polyethylene raw materials and crushed glass shall be shipped to partners in other regions of Ukraine.

 “Our company has been working in the field of procurement and processing of secondary raw materials for almost 20 years, so we have a lot of experience in this area and we will be happy to share it with everyone. I hope that the procurement of secondary raw materials will become a more popular activity among the enterprises of all Ukraine in the near future, and the consumer cooperation will remain at the center of these events”, said Mykhailo Sandul, Chairman of the Board of Consumer Society “Zagotpromtorg”.

“The sorting and recycling of garbage have become a daily necessity for the modern world. We at COOP Ukraine not only understand this, but also we try to support and develop this area of activity in our system of consumer cooperation. By procuring the secondary raw materials, the procurement organizations provide the rural population the opportunity to dispose of consumer waste in a civilized way, they perform the important environmental protection function within the country, preventing the environmental pollution”, Mykhailo Sandul added.

In the system of COOP Ukraine in many regions there are enterprises, the activities of which aimed at the collection, processing and trade of various types of secondary raw materials and waste, from waste paper and polyethylene to organic waste and metal.