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Consumer cooperation has joined the charity event “Coins for Children” organized by the National Bank and the Charity Fund “Tabletochky”

The COOP Ukraine has joined the charity event “Coins for Children”, which was launched by the National Bank of Ukraine and the Charity Fund “Tabletochky”. This initiative provides for the collection of 25-kopiyka coins throughout Ukraine in order to help children with cancer.

From September 01 to 30, 2021, every citizen will be able to join this event to easily collect coins and turn them into a powerful help for hundreds of children struggling with cancer.

What is the essence of the charity event?

Coins with a face value of 25 kopiykas have ceased to be a means of payment since October 01, 2020. For almost one year it hasn’t been possible to pay with them in the retail network, but they can be freely exchanged in banks for coins of valid denominations or banknotes.

“Consumer cooperation traditionally takes an active part in the public life of the country, in particular, creates and develops social initiatives,” Illia Gorokhovskyi, Chairman of the Board of the COOP Ukraine, commented the partnership in the event. “The current event together with the Charity Fund “Tabletochky” and the National Bank is an example of how easy it is to help. The coins that have gone out of circulation, if not ignored in pocket, but brought to the bank branch, can save lives. Everyone is capable for this charity event. So I would encourage all fellow cooperators to support the event, to tell about it to their friends, acquaintances, because there are thousands of us, cooperators in Ukraine, and if everyone sends at least one 25-kopiyka coin to charity, it will get it moving”.

How to join the initiative?

To join the event, you need to collect 25-kopiyka coins and take them to the nearest branch of the partner bank in the period from September 01 to 30, 2021. The bank will transfer these funds to the account of the Charity Fund “Tabletochky”.

Staff members of educational institutions will also be able to take part in the charity event. To do this it is necessary:

  1. to register an educational institution to participate in the event here.

  2. to start collecting coins among pupils / students.

  3. to get coins collected.

  4. to take them to the nearest branch of the partner bank.

  5. The bank will transfer the collected funds to the account of the Charity Fund “Tabletochky”.

Partner banks of the event: Oschadbank, Raiffeisen Bank, FUIB, OTP Bank, MTB Bank and Industrialbank.

The addresses of all branches of partner banks, where the citizens will be able to transfer the collected coins to the account of the Charity Fund “Tabletochky”, are indicated on a special information portal.

The National Bank and the Charity Fund “Tabletochky”, together with partner banks, are glad to invite Ukrainians to support the initiative to collect 25-kopiyka coins.

“Let’s join our efforts for the sake of future of little Ukrainians. Pursue good deeds and grant them a new life. Each coin is of a great importance”, Kyrylo Shevchenko, Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, said.

For reference:

CF “Tabletochky” is a charitable fund that has already been helping children with cancer in Ukraine for 10 years. The Fund works in four areas: targeted assistance to families, systematic support of children’s oncology departments, protection of children’s rights and professional development of medical staff. Every month, 500 families and 21 oncology departments throughout Ukraine are under the care of the Fund. In the course of the Fund’s operation, more than 5000 families received targeted assistance.

Information partners of the event: Osvitoria, Epicenter, Foxtrot and WOG.