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Congratulations of the President of the International Cooperative Alliance Dr. Ariel Guarco on the International Day of Cooperatives

Dear cooperative friends from Ukraine,
This Saturday, July 3, on our International Day of Cooperatives, we want to invite to Rebuild Better

Together the economic and social fabric damaged by the pandemic.

In this complex scenario where we have to act, our best contribution is to show that we can carry out enterprises that put people and the environment at the center of the scene.

Enterprises that are economically efficient and socially responsible, capable of sustaining the economic and social fabric even in the worst crises.

Cooperatives also have demonstrated that we can produce and consume without neglecting the resources that current and future generations need to have a good quality of life.
After all, natural disasters, which are caused by harmful production, are dangerous for human life and for the ecology of the planet in general.

Cooperatives demonstrate that we can innovate, attending to the new demands of our communities, understanding that the main transformation is the change of paradigm, to a new one that gives to people the control of their livelihoods, along with new technological tools and new ways of access to goods and services.
That we can generate decent work, respecting the rights of all people and promoting gender equality in the workplaces.

Cooperatives can build a positive peace, nurturing dialogue and the comercial, cultural and social exchange between different peoples based on the values of cooperation, also contributing to reduce inequalities and tensions that often lead to armed conflicts and inhumane habitat situations, in addition to forced migrations.

We can be an active part of a global dialogue with national governments, international organizations, other entities of the private sector of the economy and organizations of civil society in general, to contribute together to a sustainable development at a global level.

We can do this because we have at least 175 years of experience and we represent more than one billion members of three million cooperatives in all continents, under the same cooperative identity that unites us and makes us the largest global network of enterprises based on values and principles and oriented to the common good.
The International Cooperative Alliance has a 125-year history and is currently made up of 319 organizations from 112 countries, with an impact on practically all sectors of the economy and society.
Cooperatives are in a position to lead a fair, supportive and democratic reconstruction after the health, social, economic and environmental crisis in which the entire humanity finds itself.
On this International Day of Cooperatives, let’s make our voice heard.
Let’s proudly show our identity.
And let’s all make the call to Rebuild Better Together.

President of the International Cooperative Alliance

Dr. Ariel Guarco