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Congratulations from Euro Coop President, Mathias Fiedler, on the occasion of 125th anniversary of the International Cooperative Alliance

Dear co-operators,

Today, we celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the International Cooperative Alliance!

On 19th August 1895, delegates of national co-operative federations convened in London for the first International Co-operative Congress with the mission of establishing the Alliance. They agreed on directives for its constitution, functions and policy which corresponds with features of the ICA today – an unwavering commitment to improving the daily lives of all co-operators and local communities through the adherence of the co-operative principles, values and ethics.

Co-operatives exist in every branch of the economy worldwide. This makes the ICA one of the largest and oldest international non-governmental organisations. The co-operative model’s diversity of operations and sustainability of mission have drawn over 1.2 billion people to the global movement from over 300 national organisations in more than 50% of the world’s nations. We are proud that co-operative economy is estimated at USD 2.7 trillion, which ranks as the 7th economy in the world.

The order of the day tasks the International Cooperative Alliance to be not only the flag-bearer of co-operation, but the platform and engine to effectively mobilise the vast resources of co-operatives in order to realise our full potential and maximise our contribution to a more just and humane social order.

On behalf of Europe’s consumer co-operatives, I salute the International Cooperative Alliance for this 125th Anniversary and pledge the readiness for closer co-operation to the benefit of our members and society at large.

With co-operative greetings,
Mathias Fiedler
“Euro Coop” President