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80 years to Chernivtsi Cooperative College of Economics and Law!

Apparently, there are not so many higher education institutions in Ukraine that can boast of their 80-year history. Among them is the Chernivtsi Cooperative College of Economics and Law, which is celebrating this happy anniversary this year.

Over the years the educational institution has graduated more than 35,000 qualified specialists with diplomas of accountants, financiers, commodity experts, lawyers, managers, etc., most of whom got their first job exactly in the system of consumer cooperation.

Hundreds of specialists who studied at the college work in each neighboring region, from specialists in consumer societies to heads of district cooperative organizations and regional consumer unions.

Many became politicians, high-ranking officials, and scientists, obtained the degrees of candidates and doctors of sciences and now teach the younger generation at the universities of Kyiv, Lviv, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University and many others.

And it all started in October 1940, when the Chernivtsi Cooperative Technical School was opened by the decision of the board of the then Ukoopspilka. Initially, only five classrooms were used to teach students, the rest were used as service rooms.

But now this institution is rightly considered the best in the region in terms of material and technical base.

In the 1990s, the informatization of educational process became widespread: the first modern computer classes appeared, a separate structural unit was created – a computer laboratory, teachers mastered the method of writing the first computer programs, and so on.

All of these processes not only made it possible to increase the level of teaching and learning, but also to begin creating an electronic informational, learning and teaching base for the institution.

For 80 years of the college’s activity, it was headed by only six directors: A.R. Taranenko,
Y.T. Antonov, V.F. Kopersak, I.O. Maliukh, О.D. Dobrianska and S.A. Koshkarov, its current director. Today, the college employs 75% of teachers of the highest category, including 11 Candidates of Sciences and one Doctor of Science; many teachers are engaged in dissertation research. By the way, this year almost 20% more boys and girls became college students than last year, which indicates the popularity of the cooperative institution among the younger generation.

When answering the journalist’s question, – what is the strength and competitiveness of cooperative education, in particular Chernivtsi College, director Stepan Koshkarov, without hesitation, answered:

– In the consistency of its work, because consumer cooperation differs from the other sectors by the very processes formed on the basis of a single whole. We exist because we belong to one system. Therefore, the initiated reforms in the consumer cooperation of the country must also affect the educational process, I would say – first of all education because, without prepared professionals, all plans will remain declarative statements. It is up to us to decide – to be only observers of the processes taking place in the state, or to be active participants, first of all responsible for what is happening in the cooperation. And our research is largely focused on consumer cooperation. Today, new legislation in the field of education has been adopted, and new challenges have emerged. I would like our community education to adapt more actively to these processes, returning to their positions in the educational space of Ukraine. Today, new legislation in the field of education has been adopted, and new challenges have emerged. I would like our community education to adapt more actively to these processes, returning to their positions in the educational space of Ukraine. Accordingly, the Cooperative Education Development Program needs to be rethought, including in terms of its Europeanization, as Euro Coop can offer many great events where we can be equal participants. You can argue with Stepan Koshkarov on many issues, agree or disagree with his proposals, but he is absolutely right about one thing: we do not have a common educational strategy that corresponds to the present. Also wise and far-sighted is his opinion on the preservation and development of cooperative education as a significant human resource of the cooperative economy, a source of new computerized technologies, forms and methods of work. I don’t think it’s necessary to prove that community education today is one of the best in the country. But it exists because of such educational institutions as Chernivtsi Cooperative College, such teachers as in this beautiful bright Temple of Science, culture and spirituality.

Today is a holiday in Chernivtsi – an anniversary date in the cooperative college, which is the pride of the students, teachers, graduates… So happy holiday to you, friends- a first but hopefully not the last 80th anniversary!